Research and Teaching Activities

Our doctors have long been involved in the academic pursuits of teaching and research. Our office serves as a training ground for medical students and residents in Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, and Family Practice as well as Fellows in Allergy-Immunology. We have also assisted in the training of Otolaryngologists in this discipline as well.

Our members have given multiple lectures not only in the community but also at the University of Tennessee, College of Medicine. We have always felt that this was one measure we could employ to "pay back" those who have trained us. We do this as voluntary faculty and of course receive no reimbursement for these efforts.

In addition, we have engaged in research designed to understand as well as improve the treatment for allergic diseases. We have amongst us well over 250 published papers in this regard, and have developed advances in our knowledge and treatment of anaphylactic disorders, allergic and nonallergic rhinitis, as well as asthma. We are almost constantly engaged in research projects. Some of these we have written ourselves and funded ourselves. We have also won funding for research projects from government as well as industry sources through competitive application processes.

We do not have any research opportunities at this time.